Monday, 3 February 2014

Makeup and Feminism

Makeup is one of my favourite things in the world. I am obsessed with the idea that you can change how you look depending on how you feel that day. A bit of eyeliner here, a bit of lipstick there and BAM! Your a totally different person. Makeup can make you feel more confident and powerful. My obsession with makeup is not just about how it makes me look and feel. I see it as a freedom of expression as well as an incredibly enjoyable hobby. The only problem can occur when people feel as though they cannot leave the house without spending hours on their face. This is not a common problem, although some seem convinced it is, and I don't know a single girl who would not be perfectly happy going to the corner shop bear faced. If someone does get to that point then they clearly have their own confidence issues. Makeup can not be blamed for a persons insecurity.

The worst thing is when men give 'advice' to women on their makeup preferences. "I prefer girls who don't wear tons of makeup" is a phrase that I hear all too often as if we are seeking approval. Of course there are people who wear makeup for the wrong reasons but I would argue that the majority do not. I personally wear makeup for myself and if anyone else happens to appreciate it then that's a bonus. I do not need approval from men, or anyone for that matter, on how I chose to look.

Some people seem to think that wearing makeup is somehow 'un-feminist'. This is an argument which totally baffles me. I can not see a single connection between wearing lipstick and believing in equality for women. Why on earth should women not be able to be creative, have fun and change the way that they look? I think the argument is that we must be wearing makeup to impress men (after all that is our only purpose in life) and therefore are betraying our feminist beliefs. There are so many obvious flaws to this argument including the cocky assumption about our motives that to me it seems completely ridiculous.

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