Sunday, 2 February 2014

Current Favourite Songs // February edition

Here are some of the songs I have been enjoying recently:

Billie Holiday - Warpaint
Warpaint are a four piece girl band from Los Angeles. Their new album is amazing with so much unusual syncopation and some great base lines. I have been loving the slow and catchy tune of Billie Holiday recently. When you listen to it through headphones it really transports you to another world.

XO - Beyoncé 
Of course there had to be a bit of Beyoncé in this list and XO is my current favourite track from her new album. I love how happy Beyoncé looks in the video and that definitely comes through in the song as well. The combination of the heavy drum beat and gospel style backing singers make it so uplifting and I would defy anyone not to be happy with this playing.

Bitter Rivals - Sleigh bells
I have always liked sleigh bells but have never been a particularly keen fan. While browsing through their latest album I discovered this song and immediately fell in love. The syncopated beat is amazing and instantly makes me want to dance. It is not one for the lighthearted as  the chorus has a very thick, almost metal-like texture but I love how powerful the lead singer Alexis sounds. I think this is a song that needs to be played with the volume turned right up if you want the full effect.

Backwaters- Drenge
I first saw Drenge when they supported peace at Shepherds bush empire. They are a very classic style, no frills rock band made up of three brothers and the lead singer, Eoin, has a very unique voice. I love their catchy vocal lines and their simple but effective chord sequences. I have been loving backwaters recently because of the amazing bass line and chorus.

Jessica - Major Laser [feat. Ezra Koenig]
This is one of my all time favourite songs (and not just because it shares my name). I think you know you really love a song when you have to ration it for fear of it becoming old. Jessica just has the most addictive tune ever with an amazingly strong bass line that lures you in to dancing.  

Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys
I'm still unsure about my feeling on the Arctic Monkeys' new album. I do love many of the songs but they all seem so similar to me that they can get a bit boring. This has to be my favourite at the moment because of the jazzy drum beat and catchy melody. 

What are your favourite songs at the moment?

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