Sunday, 23 March 2014

Some Boys // Hen-Jenny

Our latest song 'some boys' has finally been recorded here! I wanted to take some time to explain the lyrics as they represent a very important issue; the objectification, sexualisation and sexual harassment of women in society.

The first verse ("if I say no I mean no that's all there is...") is about the importance of consent. Robin Thicke gets a mention as his song 'blurred lines' pretty much encapsulates how saying no is often misinterpreted. In this post I linked to an article showing quotes from rapists which are disturbingly similar to the lyrics of 'blurred lines'. When anyone says no it should be taken seriously and always respected.

The chorus ("why shouldn't girls just wear what they like? She's not asking for it just 'cos she's wearing something tight...") is about how rape and harassment is often blamed on a girls' appearance. Men often use the phrase 'asking for it' when a girl is wearing something deemed inappropriate. In the chorus we try to show that tight/short/low-cut/whatever clothes should not affect how someone is treated. People should learn to stop sexualising women so that we can get on with wearing what we want without fear of harassment.

The last verse begins by talking about slut shaming; an important issue but we don't go too in to it (lack of syllable space). We finish by predicting the inevitable female world domination (I'm joking) (or am I) ("you try to hold us back but it won't work...").

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