Sunday, 9 March 2014

Current Favourite Songs // March edition

Mesmerise - Temples 

I was told to listen to temples by Lucy (Hen-Jenny guitarist) and Mesmerise is my favourite of their songs. The syncopation and unusual rhythm makes this song really addictive. If you like Tame Impala you will love this.  

Riptide - Vance Joy

This is not the kind of song I would usually like. It is very upbeat with a country-style guitar rhythm and a catchy melody. This is perfect if you need cheering up as it is very light and happy. 

Can't stop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

An old classic (released in 2002) but a great song. I rediscovered this a few weeks ago and became hooked on the guitar riff. The jazzy syncopation immediately makes you want to dance.

Love is to die - Warpaint

Yes the warpaint obsession continues and this time with what I would (in my current state) call the BEST SONG EVER. This song starts of slow and mystical with an eery hummed melody. The verse has an amazing drum beat and does a good job of leading up to the chorus. The chorus is literally the best thing I have ever heard. The beat, the melody, the bass line; it is perfect. 

Awkward - FIDLAR

This is simple but amazing. It has such a laid back, long haired surfer vibe. The repetitive melody should get boring but the drums and guitar solos help to keep it exciting.

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