Thursday, 30 January 2014


I wanted to start this blog by talking about my band Hen-Jenny. We are an all girl band from London who LOVE writing songs about anything and everything that is happening in our lives. Incase anyone was wondering the name actually means b*tch (although we don't know what language it comes from....long story but I'm guessing Swedish!). We have only written three songs so far, one called Thailand, one called Some Boys and one called Friendly ghost which you can find here. Friendly ghost was inspired by a boy called Casper who we all love as he is just so nice and helpful. It's the only one that has a decent recording so far but hopefully we will have some more soon!
Thank you so much for reading (and hopefully listening) come back soon for more.


  1. Brilliant songs. When is the next concert?

  2. Thank you! 22nd of March at the paradise in Ladbroke grove :)